Circular Cities

Accelerator Programme

Circular Cities ClimAccelerator has a dual purpose: it aims to build capacity for both start-ups and cities. Much of the capacity building will happen in parallel, but there are key touchpoints in the programme where both groups interact and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Our goals

Programme Phases

The evaluation process comprises two phases:

  1. Reading jury: Assessment of your start-up documentation
  2. Video Pitch: only shortlisted startups will be invited to share a pre-recorded 5-min video pitch via a private link that will be assessed by our jury members. We will provide more information about our jury members in due course.

We will inform you if you have been shortlisted for the second phase of the evaluation process by the 13th April. The video pitch deadline is the 15th April. Applications are reviewed by Circular Cities ClimAccelerator programme managers and external jury members with confidentiality agreements in place.

25 companies selected to participate in Stage 1

Stage 1: Business Fundamentals

We will help businesses translate circular inventions and innovations into viable business models and business plans.


The evaluation process comprises two phases:

  1. SFEA agreement: a pre-condition of participation on Stage 2 is the need to accept the terms of EIT Climate KIC’s Service-for-Equity Agreement (SFEA), whereby start-ups agree to EIT Climate KIC taking a small equity position in their business. More details on the SFEA will be provided before the commencement of Stage 2.
  2. Video Pitch: After an interim commercial evaluation, based upon a video pitch with clear outputs, up to 15 companies will be invited to participate on Stage 2
Stage 2: Business Validation

Businesses will learn how to translate business plans into concrete value propositions. Validated business models will accelerate market-readiness of products/ services/solutions.


As with the conclusion of previous stages, another interim commercial evaluation, based upon a video pitch with clear outputs, will take place.

A maximum of 10 companies will be invited to participate on the programme’s final phase, Stage 3

Stage 3: Investment Readiness

This stage will enable businesses to translate validated business models into first transactions with new customers/ beneficiaries and/ or investors. Start-ups will pursue market entry with core product/service in beachhead markets and achieve a meaningful number of commercial transactions that validate the core value proposition and/ or attract capital to position them to scale in the near future.


Start-up programme includes two morning sessions per week. Start-ups expected to be represented at all sessions.