Start-up Portfolio 2021

15 promising start-ups were selected to take part in the pilot programme of the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator in the 2021 edition.

10 of those selected start-ups made it through to the second stage of the accelerator where they benefitted from additional financial support, as well as coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer learning opportunities from industry experts and city officials.

Stage 2


Fernhay manufactures zero-emission, last mile logistics cycling and walking equipment. In turn, this is enabling parcels to be delivered across cities without the need for vans, which reduces the environmental impact of the businesses they supply to and the environments in which they operate in.


BabylonGardens is an innovation lab for green technologies used in urban spaces. Their portfolio of technologies include solutions for green walls, green roofs and the urban space, specially designed to cater for the needs of the Mediterranean region.


FixFirst is digitizing circular services and processes in the electronic repairs and maintenance sector. The B2B SaaS startup enables service providers, manufacturers, and retailers to transition to a circular future by creating a world where fixing products comes first.


Concular is a circular construction startup using intelligent data-based material matching between deconstruction and new construction projects, life cycle assessment, and a comprehensive process for architecture offices, project developers, construction companies and manufacturers.

Electric Avenue Bikes

Electric Avenue is on the mission to transform the landscape of urban commuting. By providing private e-bike share schemes for companies, employees gain access to electric bikes for daily commute and can use the start-up’s platform to engage with fellow commuters and the team. Life cycle management is also an area of focus.


AEXI – Advance Export Intelligence provides advanced intelligence processing to design sustainable and circular export market strategies for companies, governments, and global development organizations.


Concrete4Change is developing a technology capable of sequestering significant amounts of CO2 into concrete and reducing the CO2 emissions of concrete up to 60%. Enabling construction and concrete industry to transition from CO2 emitters to CO2 sinks.


wegozero is a zero waste consultancy supporting companies with their circular and carbon neutral ambitions. With a mission to make zero waste easy, fun & accessible – for everyone, the consultancy also offers free services such as zero-waste maps for consumers.


COSMOS S.A. provides consulting and engineering services on circular economy, environmental management and sustainable development to the private and public sector. Their focus lays in the development of tools and tailored made IoTs in collaboration with research institutes and universities.


SunCrafter builds and operates smart infrastructure networks for the charging and parking of micro emobility vehicles in urban and regional areas. Stations are grid-independent and powered by (2nd life) solar panels, allowing rapid establishment of agile infrastructure networks, exactly where they are needed.

Stage 1


SuperWheel System uses patented ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology” to transform ordinary bicycles to high performance bicycles. Using its innovative pedal assistance without a battery, cyclists can avoid speed limits of typical electric bicycles.


Positive Carbon is using patented food waste sensors and food detection AI, to provide food waste management tools to hotels, restaurants, and cities. By enabling them to develop advanced waste reduction strategies, companies are saving food and increasing their kitchen profits.

Era Zero

Era Zero Waste is on the mission to make zero waste easy for everyone, by using technology to bring to life the most sustainable method of consumption. Via its website users can choose next day grocery delivery from sustainable local shops.


The Winkt App is a social reality platform that enables small local retailers and gastronomers to connect with potential customers nearby in order to easily provide offers, invitations or no show replacements – direct, fast, efficient.

River Cycleway Europe

River Cycleway Europe (RCE) addresses some of the most significant social and environmental challenges faced by 21st century cities today. The design innovation company introduces carbon-neutral innovations in sustainable infrastructure for water-based transport systems, affordable housing and localized clean energy generation.


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