Circular Cities

Circular Cities programme

Circular Cities ClimAccelerator has a dual purpose: it aims to build capacity for both start-ups and cities. Much of the capacity building will happen in parallel, but there are key touchpoints in the programme where both groups interact and explore opportunities for collaboration.

We are looking for talented entrepreneurs to drive the city’s circular transition.

We focus on cities as they contribute to waste generation and over 70% of greenhouse gas emissions to the planet. This is a consequence of the make-use-dispose linear cycle of the current global economy.

Cities and regions have the potential to change the existing economic model towards a circular model, in which planetary boundaries are respected and materials, components and products in use stay in the economy as long as possible.

The objective of the circular economy is to design consumption and production systems to create and retain value.

Cities and Ecosystem Partners

Programme structure

Stage 1

Business Model

  • 25 teams will be supported
  • Grant: up to € 3.000 per team
  • Duration: 8 weeks​
Stage 2

Validation &

  • Only 15 teams will be selected to advance to this stage
  • Grant: up to € 15.000 per team
  • Duration: 12 weeks
Stage 1


  • 10 teams will be invited to Stage 3 No grants
  • Duration: 10 weeks


  • Open call

    Open call14 February

  • Closing date

    Announcement of selected teams17 April

  • Programme Start

    Announcement of selected teams29 April

  • Stage 1

    Stage 125 April to 14 June (8 Weeks or 2 months)

  • Stage 2

    Stage 221 June to 14 September (12 weeks or 4 months)

  • Stage 3

    Stage 320 Sept – 25 November (10 weeks or 3 months)

  • Demo Day

    Demo Day02 December